I know, I'm the least interesting thing in this photo. 

I know, I'm the least interesting thing in this photo. 

Leo bring a positive energy to the team, a thoughtful approach and a flexibility not often found in a lot of creative people.
— -Shilo Jones, Director of E-Commerce at Dolan NW

Leonardo is a Seattle based freelance copywriter with years of experience working both within an agency, and in-house creative teams. He's obsessed with branding, the art of the written word, and creating new experiences. 

In short, a one man wrecking crew that rarely speaks in the third person, except for personal bios. 

Come find him: 


Things he likes that he decided would make him look good:

  • Coffee. A writer's best friend.
  • Boutique bookstores (shocker)
  • Libraries
  • Other cultures. Especially their food.
  • And of course, dogs. 

Contact me below to request more info, work with me, or just to say hi. I don't bite. okay, It's very rare that I bite. 

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Fall seven times and stand up eight.
— Japanese Proverb
If you fall seven times, maybe standing up just isn’t your strong suit.
— Me





All words on this site were written by L.David. As a writer, he would feel devalued if he had to outsource this kind of work.

Plus, he just likes speaking in the third person.