UX/UI Design

UX and UI design are still fairly new fields to me, however, I have taken a liking to both disciplines, as my current role involves both (the perks of working in a startup). In addition to attending General Assembly in the fall, I design the UX and UI for MyGift Enterprise and associated properties. While we are not yet where we want to be just yet, the process of learning on the job-conducting user research, wireframing concepts, and communicating with developers have provided me with valuable experience as I learn on the job.


MG Gear is a practical, affordable backpack line that carries a wide array of packs for the younger crowd. Sold typically in bulk, they wanted the focus to remain on the backpack with a simpler design. 

Tools used: Photoshop, Sketch, Squarespace


The Old Look

Busy screen. Product dump instead of clear navigation.


New look

Reduced clutter. Better navigation. More clear CTA.

 Good UX means responsive design

Good UX means responsive design

When it comes to UX/UI, writing, or almost any creative project for that matter, it’s always best practice to put the user first. For this project, I asked customers and visitors to review our website, and provide some insight as to whether or not they found what they wanted, and ultimately, if they would be enticed to purchase.

Once the UX research is conducted, the next step is to take the data and begin brainstorming possible solutions.

Design Process

While better imagery and better use of whitespace is the start-It's not enough to simply make it look prettier. It's about telling your brand story as quickly and succinctly as possible.

I created a zig zag navigation on the homepage to create a more interesting reader experience, as well as created better call to actions through each step of the user journey.


Rather than repeating the same information you might see anywhere else for other backpack suppliers, I created new content with a more friendly, conversational tone of voice. Introduced benefits of purchasing with MG Gear, and provided more information about the company. I also targeted frequently asked search queries for SEO purposes.

Result: 238% organic traffic increase year over year


See more at mggear.com

Amazon Storefront Page


Typical Amazon Storefront



MyGift sells home organization and decor items on Amazon, and they do quite well for themselves. While their products sell well, their storefront brand page, was the typical storefront you would see for any brand-which is just a collection of products and prices.

Storefront Redesign



Tell a brand story through product offering. Maximize use of white space. Redesign header and imagery to capture brand. Segmented products into room specific categories, creating better navigation and discoverability.

Result: The MyGift Amazon storefront went from an average of $2,200 conversions per month (in 2017) to $47,175.90 in October 2018 alone.

 Year to date sales, on daily average

Year to date sales, on daily average