MG Gear is a practical, affordable backpack line that carries a wide array of packs for the younger crowd. Sold typically in bulk, they wanted the focus to remain on the backpack with a simpler design. 


The Old Look


New Look

Modern, updated look and navigation

While better imagery and better use of whitespace is the start-It's not enough to simply make it look prettier. It's about telling your brand story as quickly and succinctly as possible.

Result: 120% organic traffic increase

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Amazon Storefront Page


Typical Amazon Storefront



MyGift sells home organization and decor items on Amazon, and they do quite well for themselves. While their products sell well, their storefront brand page, was the typical storefront you would see for any brand-which is just a collection of products and prices.

Storefront Redesign


Tell a brand story through product offering. Maximize use of white space. Redesign header and imagery to capture brand. 

Result: The MyGift storefront went from an average of $2,200 conversions per month to $9,700 conversions per month.

That's an increase of 341%