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SEO strategies? Long form copy? Meta-tags? Are all these even things?

Yes they are, and blogs are the key to improving search results. Search engines trawl the web for good content, so it's preferable to have a lot of it (as long as it provides value). My content strategy rule is that blog posts must be either helpful, informative, or inspiring. Anything that doesn’t fit into that criteria probably isn’t worth writing about (and your audience probably won’t care).

SEattle Eater-Because food

If you haven't guessed it by now, I'm Filipino-American. What that means is that I was too short to play basketball in high school, and my family gatherings consisted of a LOT of food. 

So I love food. I love how it brings people together, and how it bonds them in a way that creates unforgettable experiences. One of my favorite hobbies is exploring new restaurants, so luckily I took a job writing for Seattle Eater (with some video production as well).

Looking for a Low-Stakes First Date Spot?What about the Best Dim Sum in Seattle? Or are you simply looking for the best Pho in town

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My writing style for Eater is determined by a style guide and voice, which I adapted to fit my voice. I work closely with my editor to proofread copy and ensure journalistic standards.

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Have a recommendation or want me to try that new mom and pop spot down the street? Shoot me an email.

Destination Lighting-flipping the switch

One of the first projects that I was tasked with when I started at Destination Lighting, was the creation and launch a new blog. With a focus on design, inspiration, and resources, I started the new blog via Wordpress called "Flip the Switch". 

I designed the layout, navigation, and overall content strategy of the blog, and was the primary blog writer until June of 2017. 

We went from 0 to now over 25,000 organic visitors per month. From SEO strategy to digital marketing, we were able to prepare the company for the digital age.

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