As a freelance writer, most of my clients are startups or smaller businesses looking to establish their brand presence. Typically armed with no style guide, my task begins with finding out more about the company. What makes them unique, what their value proposition is, and most importantly-what’s their true company culture.


LightArt is a Seattle based manufacturer that focuses on hand-made, customized light fixtures for clients in the office and retail environment (or, you could just be a customer with a lot of disposable income for beautifully made, custom lights) I was brought on as a copywriter/brand consultant, with the goal of making their copy feel more personable and relatable.

My approach

Rather than talk about the products themselves, I decided to talk about the great story of the people behind the product. At the end of the day, people want to know more about the brand, and how the brand can help them, rather than hear about the product itself.

Forming a narrative around people (and dogs), the rewritten copy has a friendlier, conversational tone than previous versions.

The Result

Sales reps and customers enjoyed the new directional tone, and gave a thumbs up to the designers and photographers as well. It helped shaped LightArt's voice into who they are now.

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