Social media ads and context

Whether it sits on a website or a social media platform, copywriting for the web demands a nuanced approach to maximize effectiveness. You have to know your tools, and what works best on each platform. Here are some clients I worked with, and the direction I took.



Location: Bellevue, WA

Platform: Facebook and Banner Ads

Voice: Professional, simple. Data-heavy written for IT workers. 

My elevator pitch of what they do: Point-and-click workflow automation

These ads resulted in a 15% increase in customer engagement, due to shorter, simplified copy, direct benefits, and a better design.

Destination Lighting

Location: Seattle, WA

Platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook

Strategy: Focus on user experience and lifestyle, not products. Created exclusive hashtag for the brand, partnered with affiliates, worked with social influencers, and centered on inspiration. 

The Result? 410% follower increase, 270% engagement increase, and 1.7 million impression monthly viewers on Pinterest.




Local Supply

Location: New South Wales, Australia

Platform: Web copy and Facebook post

Voice: Fun, casual. Younger audience, high end style.  

Elevator pitch: Local Supply. For locals everywhere.

PCC Natural Markets

Location: Seattle, WA

Platform: Instagram

Voice: Personable, yet professional. Calm. For grocers concerned with local food choices, organic, high-quality food.

This is no hyperbole. PCC's blueberries are face meltingly good. PCC's brand is about organic, natural products and a care for the community.

Man Crates

Location: Palo Alto, CA

Platform: Facebook

Voice: Very casual, humorous. Identity is that of a hard-nosed, blue collar type of man. Think Ron from Parks & Rec.

Man Crates. Awesome gifts for men.

Note the slight differences in each medium. Sometimes images work better, sometimes words do. It's all about understanding the context of how your user is interacting with your content, and knowing what drives them to click.