E-mail marketing

E-Mail Marketing accounts for the highest conversion rate of any marketing tool. Therefore, it's the most important weapon in your marketing arsenal. 


The challenge: Take this email and make it better


My approach


Make it visually appealing to keep people reading

Images are important, but in e-mail even more so. Keep in mind that people skim through e-mails, and even clicking one to open is a win. 

Go visual heavy and let the copy do the heavy lifting after. 

Also; I wish I could do this headstand. 


Keep it short and simple

Bullets, lists, and buttons are all things users know and love. Be a good person and don't take that away from people. 

Call to action buttons are perhaps the biggest difference between good and bad email. Unless your goal is to just say hi, you'll need CTA buttons to entice people to take you to your page, blog, online shop, etc. 



Finally: Make it easy to read. Blocks of text worked back in Dickens' day, but not so much anymore. This is where I come in.