BIG IDea…ideas

An ad campaign is an idea, or strategy behind the concept of an ad. When done properly, it can iterate itself in multiple forms, on multiple mediums. This is example of an ad campaign based on a central idea: that Gold's Gym is about bodybuilding, and you can save the pilates classes for those other gyms.

Gold's gym does weights. That's all.

Creative Brief: Gold's Gym wanted to separate itself from its competitors by targeting their core clientele: body builders. 

Strategy: Took a light, Mayweather type of jab at other gyms that offer trend-based classes while Gold's Gym is the place to go to get those gains. Nothing wrong with a little humor and sarcasm, right?

video scripting

Destination Lighting: How to install a modern light switch

Sometimes in a start-up or small business you need to wear a lot of different hats. At Destination Lighting, we were tasked with creating a short video to highlight a sponsored product for a partner, and it turned out pretty well. I hesitate to take credit, due to my respect for videographers, but I did write out the storyboard, script, and art direction (I also held the vanity light, so yeah, kind of a big deal). 

Short, quick, informative, the video was received very well by our client (Legrand) and was featured in our blog.