Noise is the enemy 

And your voice is all that matters

“Leo was very warm, communicative and passionate about our cause. I suppose that’s to be expected with any good copywriter! His professionalism and experience were elemental in our success in developing our first donor mailer. We recommend him!”
— Darrin Durkee, Director of Strategy and Operations at JPH MD Consulting, LLC.

The truth: People don't care about products,

they care about experiences.

Anyone can write "content" (and yes, I'm vigorously shaking my air quotes), but the difference between the right words and too many words is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug (insert famous quote here).

You don't want to buy products from a sleezy car salesman, because even if the product is nice, you don't like the way they look/sound. Because branding isn't about a logo, words, or service offerings, it's about how someone feels about you. In that sense, it's a lot like dating. And to date, you need to look and sound the part.

Your voice needs to be the only one your customers hear.


...And that's what separates a copywriter from someone that writes copy. 

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I’ve had the good opportunity of working with Leo for several months and I’ve come to really enjoy how we approaches projects. Leo bring a positive energy to the team, a thoughtful approach and a flexibility not often found in a lot of creative people. I am excited to see what Leo contributes in the future.
— Shilo Jones, Director of Marketing at Dolan NW


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So how much does Copywriting cost?

Short answer: It depends. 

Long answer....


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