Noise is the enemy 

and better copy is the hero

“Leo was very warm, communicative and passionate about our cause. I suppose that’s to be expected with any good copywriter! His professionalism and experience were elemental in our success in developing our first donor mailer. We recommend him!”
— Darrin Durkee, Director of Strategy and Operations at JPH MD Consulting, LLC.

FACT: people don't care about products, they care about experiences

Anyone can write "content" but content is more than just pretty words on a piece of paper, or blog post. Our world is filled with white noise, and more content is being thrown around than we have the ability to consume. From billboards, to social media, to SEO, we're being so over inundated with content that we're starting to become numb to it. 

But there is a solution...but it's not an easy one. I believe the solution ultimately boils down to one thing: endearing yourself to your audience.

In today's reality, writing good copy means going beyond just writing what sells (I'm looking at you clickbait), it means developing a relationship with your customers.

You wouldn't want to buy products from a sleezy car salesman, because even if the car is the car of your dreams, you know there's something not right about the guy selling it. And it's the same with branding your company-which isn't about a logo, words, or service offerings, it's about how someone feels about you. Developing a relationship with your customers is more important now than ever, to separate yourself from the white noise of the internet. 

How do you get away from writing cheap, salesy type copy?

It starts by being honest and genuine with who you are. People have options, more options than we've ever had in history. That means they can leave you at any time for a better option, and you must work harder than ever to make sure they don't. Talking about your products or services first is a mistake. It shows that selling your product is your first priority, not delivering something that actually helps or improves your customer. 

So my approach is simple:

  • I write with simplicity
  • I write with honesty 
  • I write with consistency

Anything else will lose out. If you're ready to improve your customers' experience, we should chat. 

previous clients

I’ve had the good opportunity of working with Leo for several months and I’ve come to really enjoy how we approaches projects. Leo bring a positive energy to the team, a thoughtful approach and a flexibility not often found in a lot of creative people. I am excited to see what Leo contributes in the future.
— Shilo Jones, Director of Marketing at Dolan NW


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how much does Copywriting cost?

Short answer: It depends. 

Long answer....let's chat and I promise to not scare you away


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