UX writing

UX writing is a specific form of writing that is based on copy within UX design. Sometimes called “microcopy” UX writing is a critical aspect of any UX design process.

As with most forms of writing, I think the key to a good UX strategy revolves around:

  • Understanding where the user is in their journey

  • Establishing a consistent voice and adjust copy for tone (create and updating a style guide)

  • Maximize your impact with as few words as possible

Here’s some UX writing work I’ve done:

Mobile App UX writing

rewriting grab’s ux

The Brief

Grab is the leading ride-sharing app in Southeast Asia. They tasked me with a UX writing exercise to address a need.

A message is urgently needed to help users orient themselves if they’re using the app in a country that’s not in service. The product manager, engineer, and designer offered different content suggestions as listed here.



Error Message.png


Each solution offered some good suggestions, but either the content lacked detail, or there wasn’t enough empathy in the message. Keeping in mind that the user could also be in a very dangerous or difficult area, I wanted the message to communicate empathy, while embodying the Grab brand voice.


The goal was to create an “all-in-one” message that could apply to both out of country, and in-country, out of service area locations the user could be in. I then created a message that led with empathy, adding a touch of sympathy for any users that might be in a precarious situation.

OfferUp Payment UX

Problem: Create UI text and visuals to introduce a new payment system by OfferUp (in select markets). The new feature allows users to enter their credit card information to make easier payments to sellers, making the process of exchanging items simpler and safer. OfferUp also gains revenue from transaction fees, so the feature is important to the companies’ success.

Insight: According to Statista research, trust and convenience are the biggest factors users consider when using a mobile payment system.

Approach: Create a series of screens to introduce customers to the product, while re-assuring them that security and privacy are our utmost concern.

Solution: Use a casual, exciting tone to introduce the service, followed by a simple UI with visual graphics to show how it works. Create engaging microcopy and a content ecosystem to help users find what they need. Finally, show why mobile payments through OfferUp make sense, and create an easy order screen to save and submit card details.


Do you have other questions about email copy? Would you like to see more examples? Ask me here.